Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Currently preparing for the graduate school entrance examination, Kevin Waida recently spent time as a financial planning intern with PFS Investments. In his free time, Kevin Waida enjoys spending time in the gym and leading a healthy, active lifestyle. His dedication to fitness has helped him shed 30 pounds.

Proper diet and exercise are the cornerstones to an effective weight loss routine. There are a few simple tactics an individual can use to maximize the effectiveness of both dieting and exercise. Adding healthy foods to a diet rather than subtracting unhealthy snacks, for example, is one helpful strategy. As dieting progresses, a person may discover that these healthier treats can replace junk food and desserts altogether. Similarly, individuals can search for low-calorie alternatives to their favorite foods and drinks.

When it comes to exercise, a helpful tip can be to pursue quick workouts during otherwise idle activities, such as watching television. Running in place between commercial breaks or dancing along to on-screen music are just two examples of how a television session can be turned into exercise.


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