Three Life Events in Which a Financial Planner Can Benefit You

In 2014, Kevin Waida graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a degree in communications. Now attending graduate school at Colorado State University, Kevin Waida is studying to earn an MBA and hopes to pursue a career in financial planning. A financial planner can offer clients monetary advice to provide them with a better future when the following life events occur.

Marriage: Newlyweds who hire a financial planner have an opportunity to set a positive life pattern for handling money. Expenses and money management are commonly contentious topics for newly married couples, and many people have little experience in sharing payments or checking accounts. Financial planners can offer logical, fair solutions to money matters early on and help couples avoid financial complications.

Children: Expenses that occur as a result of raising a child can surprise new parents and leave them scrambling to create a functional budget. A financial planner will have the ability to help couples restructure their budgets to accommodate their new lifestyle as parents.

Retirement: Whether a client is nearing retirement age, or just beginning his or her first real job, a good financial planner will be experienced in finding the most effective ways to create a feasible retirement plan. Though each individual’s financial circumstances are unique, a financial planner will be able to evaluate the best course of action for each individual monetary situation.


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