Financial Planning Association Announces New President-Elect

Financial Planning Association pic
Financial Planning Association

A student of the University of Missouri at Columbia, Kevin Waida is majoring in communications and has a double minor in business and financial planning. With a strong interest in the financial planning field, Kevin Waida joined the Financial Planning Association.

In August 2014, the Financial Planning Association announced its new president-elect, Pamela Sandy. A 23-year veteran of the financial planning industry, Ms. Sandy will begin her term as president-elect on January 1, 2015. Her transition into the position of president will follow one year later. Ms. Sandy will strive to build diversity among the financial planning profession, which she expects will improve the quality of service provided to the community.

Established in 2000, the Financial Planning Association is a joint partnership between the International Association for Financial Planning and Institute of Certified Financial Planners. Under one umbrella, the organizations works toward providing leadership and support for professionals in the financial planning field. This is achieved by offering educational workshops, podcasts, networking opportunities, and an email hotline through its website.


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