UKirk Network Provides Collegiate Ministry Start-Up Resources

uKirk Ministries pic
uKirk Ministries

Kevin Waida interns at the Columbia Golf Foundation while studying communication, business, and financial planning at the University of Missouri. Outside of his work and college studies, Kevin Waida participates with the local church group UKirk on a weekly basis.

A supporter and promoter of campus ministries, UKirk consists of a network of collegiate ministries of the Presbyterian Church within the United States. In addition to providing education and advocacy for existing college ministries, UKirk offers assistance and resources for congregations interested in forming their own collegiate ministry.

Broken down into several subsections, UKirk’s resource guides include a compilation of start-up ideas, a ministry model handbook created by Seattle’s University Prebyterian Church, and documents that help congregations assess their readiness to develop and manage a church-based collegiate ministry. In addition, the network’s complete resource database contains a wide range of documents, tips, and tools for various facets of ministry such as fundraising, board development, Bible studies, and collegiate ministry basics.

Established ministries can join the UKirk community by completing a membership form and creating a profile with its network upon acceptance. Online resources available to members include newsletters, assessment guides and standards, expansion advice, and discussions on maintaining student connections to the ministry.


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