Lose Weight While Watching TV

Lose Weight pic
Lose Weight
Image: lifehack.org

Kevin Waida, part of the Gustin Golf Course staff and a former intern with PFS Investments, is an exercise enthusiast. Kevin Waida regularly goes to the gym and focuses on exercises that help him maintain a healthy weight.

Studies have revealed that the typical American views more than four hours of television every day. For individuals interested in losing weight, this block of time represents a prime opportunity to burn a few hundred calories. Fidgeting in place during a few hours of TV can help a person burn in excess of 350 additional calories every day. A more ambitious person can move the TV into the exercise room so that any hours devoted to watching a sitcom or sporting event must also be spent on a treadmill or stationary bike.

For individuals who take their TV time seriously, exercise might need to be confined to commercial breaks. Fortunately, there are several workout routines designed for just such an approach. An individual can attempt to perform as many pushups as possible during a commercial break, for example, before attempting to best that number during the following break.

Lastly, a person can walk in place throughout an entire television program. This routine can be livened up by trying to mimic the movements made by characters. For example, during a chase scene, consider jogging in place instead of walking.


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