An Introduction to Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football pic
Fantasy Football

A business and communications student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Kevin Waida enjoys playing and following sports in his free time. Kevin Waida follows the professional football season as a participant in fantasy leagues.

In the fantasy football world, hypothetical teams compete against each other based on the playing results of real-life professional players. Each fantasy owner’s team consists of “virtual” versions of these real players. The team owner complies his or her team at the start of the season and sets a play lineup each week. How well the related real-life players compete in their own games determines the points and stats that the fantasy team acquires.

Just as real players can play in the National Football League (NFL) or smaller leagues such as the United Football League or the Canadian Football League, fantasy footballers can join leagues according to their interests. Some leagues are sanctioned by the NFL and offer prizes, while others follow the rules and regulations of the individual league founders. Both public and private leagues are available to new players, though some fantasy owners choose to found their own leagues and determine their own rules for scoring and competition.


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