How to Start a Fantasy Football League

Fantasy Football pic
Fantasy Football

Colorado State University graduate student Kevin Waida is an enthusiastic fantasy football fan. For nearly 10 years, Kevin Waida has participated in fantasy football competitions, earning $550 in winnings during the last two seasons. Starting a fantasy football league with friends can be an excellent way to socially enjoy NFL games during football season.

The first step to starting a fantasy football league is to recruit other interested parties. Each member of your fantasy football league will represent one team, and each team is paired off with another team to compete every week. To avoid scheduling difficulties, it is a good idea to have an even number of teams in your league.

Once a functional number of teams are recruited to play, each team must select a name for itself, and a date must be unanimously chosen to draft NFL players. Many leagues use websites to host their drafts, as well as keep track of schedules and points. Popular fantasy football hosting sites include,, and

Though optional, another way to make fantasy football games competitive is to decide on an entry fee. In this instance, each team pays to participate in the league, and the combined fees create a cash prize for the winner of the league at the end of the regular football season.


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