Fitness Trends for 2016

Streaming Fitness pic
Streaming Fitness

Kevin Waida is studying toward his MBA at Colorado State University. As a self-professed fitness enthusiast, Kevin Waida carries a strong personal focus on working out daily and keeping fit.

The exercise landscape lives in a state of perpetual flux. Whether it’s Sweatin’ to the Oldies, Buns of Steel, Tae Bo, P-90X, or Hot Yoga, the one constant in the fitness industry is change. There’s always some new workout or piece of technology that purports to revolutionize everything. Fitness trends for 2016 include:

A rise in wearable fitness tech. As the technological curve continues to skew upward in modern society, the fitness industry is also incorporating these advances. Both the Apple Watch and the Fitbit (the latter more so than the former) offer users the ability to track fitness goals by wearing a device on a wrist. Experts expect both companies, as well as one or two new players, to further explore the potential of wearable fitness technology. According to Men’s Fitness magazine, this is one of the biggest trends to watch for 2016.

Streaming workouts. While the notion of streaming a workout might not seem all that different from popping in a video, the concept actually does offer some new possibilities. Providers such as Daily Burn have plans to increase their offerings throughout the year, and it’s not a stretch to imagine other fitness companies getting into the mix. One of the major benefits of streaming/online-based fitness programs, beyond convenience, is the idea that they can evolve in real time based on current trends and discoveries in exercise science. A DVD can’t do that.

Faith-based fitness. With nutrition-focused books like Made to Crave and The Daniel Plan moving into the mainstream faith conversation over recent years, the next step seems to be faith-based fitness as a comprehensive program. According to the American Council on Exercise, faith-based fitness communities will gain traction because they allow like-minded people to work on their physiques in a safe environment.


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