Kevin Waida – Achieving Victory in 2015-16 Fantasy Football League

Adrian Peterson pic
Adrian Peterson

A recent graduate of University of Missouri in Columbia, Kevin Waida earned his bachelor’s degree in communications. Kevin Waida is a longtime basketball and football fan who has achieved success in the fantasy football arena in recent years. In early January, 2016, he earned his second consecutive league victory, with a 146-112 blowout in week 16 against the Honey Badgers.

Mr. Waida’s success was due, in part, to the acquisition of Adrian Peterson and Odell Beckham Jr. Beckham, an emerging talent who plays wide receiver for the Giants, broke through in a big way by catching a dozen touchdown passes in as many games and achieving distinction as the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year. Beckham’s successful season was capped by a selection to the Pro Bowl, where he played as one of four 2016 captains.

However, Mr. Waida was not error-free throughout the fantasy football season. He traded Mark Ingram for Jeremy Hill, a move that ultimately hurt him, as Ingram outperformed Hill week after week. Despite the error, Kevin Waida was able to achieve victory in the Columbia-based fantasy football league for the second straight season, providing him with a cash prize of $125, in addition to prizes accumulated throughout the NFL season.


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