A Snapshot of the Hip-Hop Group Snowgoons

Snowgoons pic
Image: iTunes

Receiving a communications degree from University of Missouri with a double minor in business and financial planning, Kevin Waida serves on the Ukirk Ministries Financial Planning Association. Along with cooking and competitive online sports betting, Kevin Waida also enjoys listening to the German hip-hop group Snowgoons.

The Snowgoons team based out of Europe is comprised of Det Gunner, DJ Illegal, Sicknature, and J.S. Kuster. With influences like the Wu Tang Clan and Big Daddy Kane, Snowgoons have progressed their music to offer gritty, authentic beats, gaining fast recognition in the American and European rap/hip-hop scenes.

Releasing their music on the Goon MuSick record label, they have released five albums, two of which included collaborations with US-based group M.O.P. and Onyx. DJ Illegal and Sicknature have toured through Europe, the US and Canada with other rap artists like La Coka Nostra and Sabac Red. In 2015 Snowgoons released two albums: Gebruder Grimm, and another with N.B.S. called Snowgoons – Trapped in America.


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