Surgery for an NFL Star Can Spell Trouble for Fantasy Football Players

Fantasy Football pic
Fantasy Football

A student of personal finance and business, Kevin Waida teaches and learns at Colorado State University, as a graduate assistant in the marketing department and as a graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in business administration, respectively. Outside of his academic and professional pursuits, Kevin Waida enjoys playing Fantasy Football.

In real life, Tyler Eifert, a tight end for the Cincinnati Bengals, is recovering from ankle surgery. According to a Headlines and Global News article, such an operation may leave him sidelined during the beginning of the new NFL regular season. For the world of Fantasy Football, this means that Eifert could be knocked out of his spot as one of the top tight ends of the league during this round of the fantasy draft, possibly pushing him further down the line of possible tight end picks.

His injury is significant for aficionados of Fantasy Football, given that its participants have assembled virtual-world dream teams, and will win or lose team points based on how the actual players perform in real-world games.

Eifert’s injury and subsequent surgery, which may have him out for up to four months, could lead to many Fantasy Football participants losing several games, a fate which may also be shared by the actual Cincinnati Bengals team.


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