About Kevin Waida

Kevin WaidaKevin Waida is currently attending the University of Missouri in Columbia as an undergraduate student. His areas of study at the school include communications and business, though he is especially passionate about financial planning.

Prior to enrolling at the university, Kevin Waida was a student at Fairview High School, located in Boulder, Colorado. While at the school, he was ranked number one among the school’s 14 most promising students, an acknowledgement that was underscored by his dedication to the Leadership Enrichment program and the student council. Mr. Waida also served Fairview High School as manager of the basketball team, a role that required him to assist the team in a variety of ways and announce special team events to the school and town. He also enjoys playing basketball.

Outside of his academic commitments, Mr. Waida likes to cook and listen to music, particularly Lupe Fiasco. He is a member of the UKirk Ministries Financial Planning Association and works as a writer, reporter, and videographer for the campus television station MUTV.


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